Javic Agility Training

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I started out training my own dogs as a child. By the time I was an adult, I knew what my passion was. I love dogs, all breeds.


I have been actually training dogs for 35 years; my partner has been training for 22 years. Together, we can help you with any of your behavior problems, puppy and dog obedience, and agility training.


We are located on 9 Acres in the heart of Palm Bay (it is easy to find). We have a dog obedience field dedicated to teaching dog obedience for the home as well as competition. We also have 2 full-size agility training rings.


We show our dogs in several venues, obedience trials, agility trials, field trials, tracking, comformation, and many other areas. Our dogs have achieved some of the highest awards and titles in obedience and agility including championships.


Drop by and see us sometime. Once you see our site, you won't want to leave

We are located at:
1705 Hardin Lane NE
Palm Bay FL 32905