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Javic Dog Training

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JaVic Dog Training


Founded in 1994, when we (Jackie and I) first started to teach puppy classes and basic obedience classes. At the same time I also started one on one dog behavior counseling. In 1999 we started agility training classes. For many years before that we volunteered and taught classes for our local clubs.   

    At JaVic we focus as much on training the Owner as we do the dog.
    Our main objective is to teach "Communication and Control" and use "Positive Motivation" to teach your dog. Striving to Keep training Fun and Playful

     JaVic's services range from Group, Private and/or In home training.   We specialize in Behavior, Obedience and Agility. We start with very young puppies and dogs of any age. We do believe you can teach and old dog new tricks. 

Javic dogs agility


We have PUPPY CLASSES and BASIC TRAINING CLASSES starting January 7th.
They'll be on a Monday evening 6:30 and 7:30.
Puppy classes are for puppies 10 to 18 weeks and Basic classes are for dogs 5 months and up.

Our Class Schedule:

 Monday 6:30 pm
Basic obedience

Monday 6:30 pm
Intermediate/Masters Agility


Monday 7:30 pm
Puppy Class, Manners

Tuesday 6:30 pm
Agility Beginner / Foundation

Tuesday 7:30 pm
Agility Advanced Beginner / Sequencing

Wednesday 8:00 am
Agility Intermediate/Masters

Wednesday 6:30 pm
Agility Novice/Sequencing

Wednesday 7:30 pm
Agility Intermediate/Masters 

Thursday 8:00 am
Agility Novice - Excellent